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Annual Report 2014 - page 18-19

During thecourseof 2014, BrindabellaChristianCollege supportedand raised funds formanyorganisations
includingWorldVision,OperationChristmasChild,MédecinsSansFrontières (DoctorsWithoutBorders) and
Year 10 students completeda service retreat in Jindabyne, completinggardening&maintenancework to
assist theAdventistAlpineVillage inpreparing for the2014 ski season.
Year 12 travelled toNortherNSW to serveatMcLayVocational College. Students learnedabout the local
indigenous cultureand forged significant cross cultural relationshipswith staffand students there.
In2014 theCollegealsopartneredwithLifeUnlimitedChurch toprovideChristmashampers to those in the
CanberraCommunitywhoneed some supportduring the festive season.
A teamof students from theSenior School, accompaniedbyBCC staffmembers, travelled toVietnamon
theCollege’s secondOverseasMissionTrip inApril. The teamworked inanorphanageatHanoi and schools
inSapa in theNorthofVietnam. Themission team,with the supportof theentireBCCcommunity, raised
$7,372.25 to tobuildakitchen for theorphanage.
Service remainsa foundational valueat theCollege.
62% reported that the feedback theyhad received from their childrenabout their learning
experienceswaspositiveor extremelypositive
63% reported that themost significantbenefits to their children’s learningwerehaving two teachers,
agreater varietyof teachingand learning strategiesandopportunities for collaboration
75% reported that they found thisapproach to learningexciting
75% reported that theyhadgained teachingexpertisebyworkingcollaboratively
75% reported student/teacher engagement ashighormostlyhigh
100% reported they felt challengedbutpositiveabout the journey
In2014 studentsenteringYear 11 in2015wereasked the following. (Responsesarewrittenbelow
I like thecommunity
I like theuniform
The teachersand theclassesare reallygood
Thereare strongprocesseshere - everything is run reallywell
I candowhat Iwant todo -while the subjectofferingsarenot ashugeasother colleges, the
selection isbroadenough togiveyouchoice
I get to stayandbe taughtbypeoplewhoknowme
I love the ideaof theflexible timetableand theWednesday studyday
The teachers careandarewilling to sitdown1:1andhelpyou
Theenvironment is supportive. Peopledon’t saybad thingsand it’s safehere
Everyoneknowseachother - the teachersknowwhoyouare
We’re treatedasadults, not askids
My friendsarehere. I don’twant togo toadifferent school
It’sa small schoolwithagreat student:teacher ratio
There’snothingatother colleges that Iwant todobut can’tdohere
BCC isgettinggreatATAR results
I’vebeen to7 schoolsand this is thebest.There’sa senseof intimacyhere - teachersknowyouand
Keep theclasses small
More sportopportunities
Keep theenvironment relaxed
Offermore subjects
Yeargroup social days
The lunch timesareabit short
Sometimes I feel pressuredabout theATAR
Nothing really standsout
I can’t thinkof anything tochange. It’sprettygood really.


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