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Annual Report 2014 - page 30-31

In2014, theBrindabellaChristianCollegeChaplaincyprogramcelebrated itsfifthyear.
Continuing to support thepastoral andcommunityworkof the school, theprogramwas led
byKatieGodfreyand JessicaRoberts.
Chaplainsworkedcloselywithexecutiveandpastoral staff to foster a senseof community,
develop student leadership, address students’emotional, relational and spiritual needs ina
These included:
• SeniorGirlsAfternoonTea
• Year 9GirlsBreakfast (weekly)
• Optional relaxation sessions forPastoral classesbeforeexams
• Yr 9 study skills session
• Yr 9“Congratulationsyou’vemade it throughyourfirst termof SS”party
• Exambrain food for SSandCollege (withDefence liaison)
• Individual Pastoral sessionsasneededor requestedbyPastoral teachers -boy/girl
• Yr 6 relationship skills - small groupmentoringwithgirls
• Yr 8 intoYr 9orientation sessions
• OneononePastoral support/advocacyand timemanagement skills
• Facilitating to theCollegeLeadershipcamp
• Facilitatingmentoringof studentsbycommunitymembers
• Overseeing student led lunchtimegroups
Chaplainsalsohelped to foster apassion for social justiceand facilitateworshipandassembly
• Coordinating students involvement in theWorldVisionYouthConference&40Hour
• RunningSenior SchoolWorshipgroup
• Facilitatingworshipduringassembly times
• Recruitingandplanning forMiddleSchoolWorshipgroup (whichbegan in2015)
• Sourcingguest speakers
Chaplainsalso spent timenetworkingwithYouthLeaders fromchurchesacrossCanberraand
provided staff supportwhen requestedbyHODs.
2014 saw the thirdYear 12cohortgraduate fromBrindabellaChristianCollege. 22
outof the23 studentsenrolledundertookTertiary studypackageswith theaimof
undertakinguniversity studies following school. All 22 students successfullyachieved
the requirementsmakingup96%of the studentbodywhoachievedaTertiaryEntrance
Statement.TheaverageATARachievedwas75.While23%of students receivedanATAR
above90, 41%of students receivedanATARabove80and59%of our students received
anATARabove70.Theseare strong results, placingBrindabellaChristianCollegeamong
the topachieving schoolsacross theACT.
Congratulations to JohnParsonwhowasDux in2014.
4 studentsundertookvocational studies inHospitalityachievingqualifications in
Cert I inHospitality
Cert II inHospitality
Cert I inKitchenOperations
Cert II KitchenOperations
ACT results for 2014Year 12graduateshavenot yetbeen released.


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