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Annual Report 2014 - page 8-9

DuringOctober/November 2014 theCollegeExecutive teamand somekey senior teaching staff, at
theBoard’s request, provided ideasonhow to further enhance thequalityand implementationof our
educational delivery. TheBoardconsidered those ideasat itsStrategicPlanningSession inNovember
and intends to implement appropriatechanges for commencement inTerm1of 2015.
I amprivileged tobepartof suchacommittedanddynamicBoardandCollegeExecutiveand
congratulateourBoard for thevisionof the future, but equallyas importantly, thedeliveryby theCollege
Executiveofmajorprojects including theMargaret Sergeant Educational Centre, our EarlyLearning
Centres inbothLynehamandCharnwood, andof courseourCharnwood Junior School.
TheBoardnow looks forward to the imminent completionof theCafeandCafeteria, theexpandedand
sealedcarparkanda longawaitedMulti-purposeSportsFacility.
Onbehalf of theBoard I reflecton Jeremiah29:11.
“For I know theplans I have for you,”declares theLord,“plans toprosper youandnot toharmyou, plans
togiveyouhopeanda future”.
Wepray that youwill all joinusonour journey toadvanceacommunityofWisdom, Integrity, Serviceand
Excellence inand throughChristianEducationatBCC in2015.
Yours inHis service
2014wasayearof change forour LynehamP&F.
Followingacontinueddecline innumbersof volunteersandattendeesatmeetings, a ‘new look’
committee structurewasdeveloped.TheP&F introducedanExecutiveGroup, alongwithvarious
sub-groups.Volunteers signedup towhichevergroup interested them, and thereforeonlyneeded
toattendmeetingsdirectly related toactivities theywere involved in.Thenewarrangements
seem tobepopularwithvolunteers sowill becarriedover to2015.
Onceagain itwasabusyyear for thededicatedmembersof theP&F.Monies raisedwereused to
support theGardenClub, BCCNetball teams, BCCMountainBike team, theVietnamMissionTrip,
lighting for thecarpark, andcontinuinggenerousdonations to the librariesatbothcampuses.
Fundsalsoprovidedhospitality forOrientationDays, sport carnivals, theverypopulardisco, our
schoolmusical and the inaugural ‘Artrageous ‘ event .
InearlySeptember agroupof veryeagerCharnwoodcampusparentsmet todiscuss the
formationof theP&FCharnwood. From2015, thisgroupwill oversee thedevelopmentof the
P&F for this campus. TheexistingLynehamP&Fwill provide seed funding for thegroup, and
continue toprovidedonations to theCharnwood libraryandcampus for 2015.TheP&F look
forward toworkingwithourCharnwood familiesandwish themevery success for thegrowthof
Thedeterminationof theP&F to support theBrindabellaCollegecommunity through servicewas
Thanks isalsoextended toMrsLizHutton,MrsMelanieSpencer and theamazingpeoplewho
makeup theBCCStaff.MrsHuttonandMrsSpencer tirelessly supported theP&Fendeavoursand
haveworkedhard toensure there isaP&Fatbothcampuses. TheP&Fparentswill beeternally
grateful to thesepeoplewhoknow, loveandnurtureour childrenevery school day.
Planning isalreadyunderway formajor eventsnext year and theP&F look forward topartnering
withmore families in supporting theCollege in2015.


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