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Curriculum Philosophy

The curriculum at Brindabella Christian College is based upon faith in God and a belief in His Son, Jesus, and endeavours to challenge students with the relevance of faith to life and contemporary culture. The academic, cultural, physical and social development of students finds meaning, context and purpose in their spiritual development.

All studies are centred on knowledge of God, not simply knowledge about God. Our desire at BCC is to provide opportunities for students to contemplate the reality of and engage in a relationship with God, to love Him, to love their neighbours, and to be inspired and sustained by hope in the goodness of God.
Students are encouraged to appreciate that beliefs underlie values and worldview perspectives and that these are lived out in practice. The curriculum thus seeks to establish dignity and self-esteem in the current and future lives of students through attitudes of:

  • Wisdom – to seek for the purposes and standards of God as the basis for all knowledge and activity.
  • Integrity – to live according to the moral and ethical criteria taught and exemplified by Jesus, contemplating and acting on issues of justice, reconciliation, forgiveness and peace.
  • Service – to lovingly use gifts and talents in purposeful service to others with openness, understanding and welcome, recognising that all people are God’s children and considering as paramount the needs of others.
  • Excellence – to appreciate the uniqueness of individuals in God’s eyes, to develop abilities as well as possible and to recognise God’s empowering for tasks to which He has called them.


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