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2018 Athletics Carnival (12 Years and over)

On Tuesday 5 June BCC held the 12 Years & over Athletics Carnival at the AIS Track and Field Centre. It started off overcast but then turned into the most beautiful Winters day, perfect conditions for fantastic carnival.

Year 4 Living Wax Museum

Rather than simply explore the ‘Age of Discovery’ in a HASS book this term, Year 4 dressed in costume, created posters, displayed objects and prepared speeches to bring to life their “Living Wax Museum Character”. Explorers like Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, Jeanne Baret, Isabelle Eberhardt, Vasco Da Gama, Lady Hester Stanhope and John Cartier were just some of the wax-work figures that came alive when viewers pushed their “Start Button”. Each wax-museum character presented a 1 min talk describing the times, places and reasons they left their homes to discover new and interesting lands. Thank you to parents for their amazing efforts.

Honouring BCC's First Principal, Mr David Button

Brindabella Christian College’s first Principal Mr David Button died last week following a brave battle with melanoma. David was an instrumental figure in setting up what is now known as Brindabella Christian College.

In 1979, David approached the O’Connor Uniting Church Parish Council with the idea of setting up a Christian School. He felt this school should not be an elite school but rather a dedicated Christian School focussed on Christ-centred education. Later that year he was appointed to establish such a school as part of the O’Connor Uniting Church.

At the start of 1980, David became the first Principal of O’Connor Christian School with Mrs Trixie Rudder working as the Head Teacher. The School opened with an enrolment of 29 children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Within the first year of opening, enrolments exceeded expectations and Pre-school classes commenced with an additional teacher and assistant along with another primary school teacher.

Realising there was not enough room at the O’Conner Uniting Church location to cater for the growing enrolments, David noticed unused rooms at 136 Brigalow Street Lyneham and prayerfully sought to use them for this rapidly growing Christian School.

In 1982, O’Connor Christian School moved to 136 Brigalow Street Lyneham, housed in 12 classrooms at the rear of the block down near the motel.

At this point, the school shared the site with the ACT Government’s Curriculum Development Centre. With the additional classrooms, the school was able to grow to include two secondary classes (Years 7-8). Each year the school grew and more classrooms were required, and each year school community prayed for more space. Meanwhile, the Government kept reducing the numbers of staff employed in the Curriculum Development Centre until in 1985 they moved out and the school was able to take over the complete site and, under the direction of David, installed an additional 7 portable classrooms.

During 1985 David retired as Principal.

In 1998 the O’Connor Christian School was renamed Brindabella Christian College.

We would like to honour Mr David Button for his contribution to our College. May he rest in peace, after a race worth running. Glory be to God for David’s vision and hard work to further the Lord’s kingdom through the establishment and early leadership of our school.