Brindabella Christian College

Message from our Principal

On Monday and Tuesday of this week I attended the Christian Schools National Policy Forum which is an annual event that is held in Canberra. The Policy Forum is open to all staff who work in Christian Schools and Christian Tertiary institutions throughout Australia. It is a wonderful opportunity for Christian leaders, teachers and administrators to meet and discuss issues that are impacting on them as well as being able to listen to a wide range of keynote speakers who have been carefully selected for the Forum.

On Monday night the Gala Dinner was held in the Great Hall of Parliament House with the Minister for Education, Simon Birmingham, Shadow Minister and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tanya Plibersek and Dr John Dickson, Founding Director of the Centre for Public Christianity all speaking. As Parliament is currently sitting a number of local MP’s and Senators were invited to attend the dinner to hear a challenging but thoroughly affirming address about the role of Christianity and Christian Schools in shaping our society.

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Brindabella Christian College students were asked to lead the praise and worship at the beginning of each day and the students did a wonderful job. The enthusiasm and talent shown by the students was continually commented on throughout the two days by everyone that I spoke with and I was extremely proud to say that they were from Brindabella. It was an uplifting way to commence each day and was one of the many highlights of the Forum.

As the Forum came to an end on Tuesday afternoon it was a time to reflect on the speakers and the messages that they delivered as well as to farewell old and new friends as they headed back to their respective homes.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.
Colossians 3:23-24 (NIV)

Mr Bruce Handley


Whole School News

Lyneham P & F

The Next P and F meeting will be on Wednesday 14th June at 7pm in the school Cafe. Come and hear what is going on within the school for the P and F.

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A big thank you to everyone who helped out on Friday night with the Junior school social. Lots of happy children arrived for a night of fun, food and lots of dancing. Parents got to enjoy an evening getting to know each other. A wonderful job was done by parents and teachers to make this night fantastic.

If you have not already ordered your entertainment books you can go the front office or order online.

Julianne McMaster
P&F Lyneham President

Library News

Make Your Own Story Book Competition
Do you love story books?
Have you ever wanted to create your own? Now is your chance.

Write and illustrate your own picture or story book for the chance to win great prizes.

Entry is for students in Year 1-6 and entries can be given to Mrs Richards before the end of July. For more information and an entry form go to

Rachel Richards

There’s a strong link between anxiety and depression and sleep problems

In a recent article ( )

research has shown a connection between lack of sleep and mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression. This is applicable to a lot of teenagers who are not getting enough sleep.

Rhonda Malouf
School Psychologist

Performing Arts Desk

The Senior Worship Group was privileged to be invited to lead worship at the CSA National Policy Forum this week. They had a wonderful time leading principals and executive staff from all around Australia in a very special time of praise and worship. Everyone’s toes were tapping as we sang Build Your Kingdom and You Are My Vision by Rend Collective. It was inspiring to listen as the conference declared the goodness to God in How Great is Our God and Bless The Lord. Well done Senior Worship group for all you hard work in preparing for this event!

School of Rock
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We were wowed by the School of Rock at last week’s Middle School Assembly.

Three groups performed. Group 1: Rylee Bussenschutt, Tim Donaldson, Alexander Rowland, Patrick Wainwright and William Smidt performed Riptide. Group 2: Cheryl Mabvira, Jayden Chitsaka, Casey Wilson and Emma McKune performed Ride. Group 3: Eva Goswell, Alice Fraser and Ruby O’Meara performed Put Your Records On. We were very impressed at the high calibre of these performances and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Performances at Sir Leslie Morsehead Manor

The Junior Choir, Junior and Intermediate String Orchestras and Cello Group performed for the residents of Sir Leslie Morsehead Manor this week. The students worked hard in preparing for this performance and were very well received. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our musical gifts and loved spending time talking with the residents after our performance.

Australian National Eisteddfod

The Nova, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Bands are excitedly preparing for the upcoming Eisteddfod. 

This is also the first year that Intermediate Strings are competing in the competition.  Ensembles perform for an audience and panel of judges who award a gold, silver or bronze trophy based on the merit of the performance.  Each ensemble is entered into a different category with a different performance time and venue, so it is important to note the details.  If you would like to attend a performance at Llewellyn Hall you must purchase a ticket through


Here are the details for each performance:

Intermediate Strings: Saturday 27 May, 4.20pm at Llewellyn Hall

Intermediate Band: Sunday 28 May, 1.15pm at Llewellyn Hall

Senior Band: Sunday 28 May, 2.55pm at Llewellyn Hall

Nova Band: Tuesday 30 May, 10am at Lyneham High School

Junior Band: Tuesday 30 May, 11.15am at Lyneham High School

Melbourne Tour
Our Melbourne Tour group continues to prepare for the Melbourne tour at the end of the term. We visited Trinity Christian School last week for our second combined rehearsal and all came back very enthused about how well our performance is coming together.

Jess Roberts
Performing Arts Coordinator

Key Dates:

7 June

Evening Musical Showcase

All Music Ensembles


12 June (Public Holiday)

Final Melbourne Tour Rehearsal

Melbourne Tour Group

14 June

All Day

Band Day @ BCC

BCC – Junior, Intermediate and Senior Band +

Trinity Christian School Junior Bands

19 June

(muster at 9:45, performance 10:30 – 11:00)

Rhythm of Life Festival @ Morsehead Manor

Senior Band

23 – 29 June

Melbourne Music Tour

Melbourne Tour Group


Term 3

Date / Time



25 July


CSO Noteworthy @ Llewellyn Hall

Years 3 – 6


6 September


Morshead Manor

Junior Band

Intermediate Band

Intermediate Strings


21 September

Encore Festival of the Arts

K -12 Event.



Music Showcase

Music Showcase
A reminder about our Evening Music Showcase that is coming up on Wed 7 June. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our students learning. We hope to see you there!

It is a joy to walk around the College and listen to the many ensembles practicing for upcoming performances. Being involved in a musical ensemble is a wonderful learning experience. If your child is interested in joining one of our groups or for any other performing arts enquiries please contact us on

Communicating with School

We love hearing from our BCC families. Should you have a query or concern about your child’s learning please be sure to contact their class, Pastoral or Connect Group teacher in the first instance. Should you not be able to resolve the matter, it is advisable to then make contact with their relevant Head of Department. » Read More

This can be done by phoning the school or emailing the relevant staff member.

Phone: 02 6247 4644

All teachers have their unique email address using the following structure:


Lyneham ELC News

ELC Lyneham Update

Dear Families,

We are nearly at the end of May. Where has the time gone? At the ELC we are rejoicing for the changes happening at and around our ELC.

In this time of movement and change, we are reminded that God asks us to be still. We are asked to be still and be with Christ. We are asked to be still and listen to His call. We are called to God’s purpose and we are now experiencing a change of pace. We have been blessed with these changes to our ELC and are now given the chance to enjoy our new spaces with the children that God has placed in our care.

My prayer for our families and staff at the ELC is that you too would find a time to be still. Often we become accustomed to the constant running that life brings, that we forget that we are allowed and encouraged to be still. Be still and listen, not simply hear. Be still and act, not just think. Be still and glorify our Almighty creator, rather than just existing.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
- Psalm 46:10
Enjoy the coming weeks as God reveals His blessings.

In Christ,
Tammy Brown
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P3 are now using their prior knowledge of seasons and changes to inform their learning. P3 have gone on nature walks, read books and now, are showing their learning through visual representation. Next, P3 hope to look at the animals in the world and begin classifying them.


PK have been learning about what is beneath our feet. These investigations have lead the PK children to question, ‘what is above our heads?’ The PKs have enjoyed learning about the different planets and stars in our solar system. Next, the PK children hope to look at and examine different creatures of the land, sea and sky.

Follow us!


 Brindabella Christian College Education

Lyneham Junior School News

Junior School Update

The Bible tells us repeatedly all children are a gift from God. Every single life, every single child, is a reward and blessing. Whether they're bringing parents pride and joy, or whether they are teaching us how to be more patient and forgiving, children are a gift from God and a source for the growth of His Kingdom here on Earth! God knows that children can bring us closer to Him and help grow our Christian character. » Read More

It was a pleasure to see your children at our Junior School Social on Friday night. Their smiles, singing and dancing were filled with joy and love for life. The experience of dancing with their parents will remain with them for a long time. A very big thank you to our P&F team and their dedicated volunteers for making this night the success it was.

Our Wednesday Book Club continues to be a favourite with our students. The Star Readers for the last two weeks were Vanessa O’Meara and Mia Donaldson.

Thank you for ensuring your child/children were in their correct Winter uniform last week for school photos. While these efforts were greatly appreciated for photo day we would like it to continue throughout the school year. We acknowledge that it is difficult to buy predominantly white sneakers but if you can avoid sneakers which are predominantly colourful/florescent it will help support the school uniform policy. School shoes must be black leather lace up shoes, not black sneakers.

Our school day begins at 8:55am with Morning Muster. This is an important time of the day as we gather as a whole Junior School, celebrate student birthdays, deliver messages and pray together. If students are late for school they miss this whole school time and even the beginning of the day in their classroom. Please ensure your child/children arrive at school by 8:55am.

Year 2 have been very busy working on their writing. Emma Swanepoel would like to share her writing with you:

The Day My Pet Got Lost by Emma Swanepoel.

One morning I ran downstairs to go outside. When I got there my eyes filled with tears. My giraffe was missing! I cried. I ran back upstairs to write some posters.

Soon after that I went asking people about it but everyone said no, they hadn’t seen it.
I was feeling dreadful. While I was waiting I climbed up onto the equipment by a park nearby. I sat at the top and started to cry loudly!
Not that soon after a yellow head with dark brown spots appeared behind my head.
“At last!” I said kissing his nose, “Where on earth did you go?” I was so happy I found him.
I gasped at mum when we got home, “Mum, mum! I found him! I found my giraffe Starry!”
“Good” said mum, “Come and have some afternoon tea.”
I was so glad.
The End

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.  John 1:4

Yours in Christian Education
Rebecca Jefferys
Head of Junior School

Junior School Assemblies every Fridays @ 2.30pm in the LLC

Every Friday, Junior School gathers to celebrate and share their learning with each other. Each class will have an opportunity to lead this assembly. On the weeks where no class is timetabled on there will be a Worship assembly. All parents, grandparents, carers and relatives are invited to attend these assemblies.

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Assembly Timetable Term 2

Week 15 – Friday 26th May – Worship
Week 16 – Friday 2nd June – 2KB
Week 17 – Friday 9th June – 4M
Week 18 – no assembly – K-Yr 5 Athletics Carnival at Dickson (Please note the new date)

Week 19 – no assembly

Numeracy Development

By Ms Suzanne Power, Head of Curriculum K-6

Numeracy is a learning priority in all learning programs and continues to be an important focus of Yrs K-4. Over this semester the College has been looking at ways we can support our students to become more numerate. Teachers at our Charnwood campus are undergoing professional learning in this area and this has been made available to the Junior School team at Lyneham. At Lyneham we have introduced additional numeracy support and enrichment activities as part of the numeracy program. These sessions are run by additional teachers, such as Mrs Jefferys and myself, who take a small group of children during maths sessions to either consolidate their learning or to extend it as required. The children in these groups may change from lesson to lesson or week to week depending on their need at the time. The sessions are run numerous times a week in all classes from Kindy to Year 4. Much of the focus during these sessions concentrates on explicit maths skills, however numeracy and mathematics are slightly different. Numeracy involves students in recognising and understanding the role of mathematics in the world and having the dispositions and capacities to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposefully. It is the application of mathematics and helps develop problem solving, logical thinking and reasoning. » Read More

Generally, numeracy includes the following elements:

  • Estimating and calculating with whole numbers
  • Recognising and using patterns and relationships
  • Using fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and rates
  • Using spatial reasoning
  •       Interpreting statistical information
  •       Using measurement

Students become numerate as they develop the knowledge and skills to use mathematics confidently across other learning areas at school and in their lives more broadly in both familiar and unfamiliar situations. Parents are able to support the numeracy development on their children of all ages by helping them:

·         Understand and use numbers in context

·         Estimate and calculate – mental, written and digital strategies

·         Use money – estimate, budget, justify use of

·         Use proportional reasoning

·         Visualise 2D and 3D objects - visualise, identify and sort shapes and objects and use symmetry, shapes and angles

·         Interpret maps and diagrams – use scales, legends and directional language to identify and describe routes and locations

·         Interpret data - collect, record, display, compare and evaluate the effectiveness of data displays of various types

·         Interpret chance events

·         Estimate and measure - length, area, volume, capacity, time, and mass and estimate, measure, compare and calculate using metric units when solving problems

·         Operate with clocks, calendars and timetables - read clocks and convert between time systems, identify and sequence dates and events using a calendar and use timetables for a variety of purposes

Research has shown that children’s motivation and achievement improve when their parents or carers are involved in their education. There are many everyday things you can do to encourage numeracy learning, for example:


- talk about occasions when you use mathematics in daily jobs and real-life situations — cooking, map reading, building and playing sport –  and for older students, help in calculating how much fuel is required for a car trip, estimating travel times and distance travelled/remaining, interpreting maps to calculate distances and the shortest route to take in planning a trip


- count the money in your child’s moneybox each week and help them deposit it in a bank, or for older students, help them plan and create a budget to save for a particular item and discuss how to maintain it


- discuss the prices of items in shopping catalogues and junk mail – older students can help calculate discounts

- estimate, measure and compare lengths and heights, how heavy or light objects are and how much containers hold


- record your child’s growth on a height chart

- encourage your child to use mathematical language — how much, how big, how small, how many

- provide opportunities for your child to use everyday tools like tape measures or kitchen scales and discuss the units of measurement


- discuss the use of numbers, patterns and shapes in your day-to-day life


- play board games and card games


Student Leader Report

Junior School started recycling their rubbish this term. We have been visiting classrooms and inspecting how well our new bins are being used. Some classes are doing a perfect job with their recycling and getting their rubbish in the correct bin. Some classes need to be a bit more careful with which bin they choose to put their rubbish in. This week we would like to give an award to the class who we saw had the best rubbish bins. That class is KL. Miss Larson would you please choose someone to receive the award?

As your student leaders we are now going to write a proposal to Mr Handley asking if we can get the correct recycling bins for out on our playground. We will let you know what decision is made.

Junior School Dates for the Diary

Please keep track of up & coming events listed and advertised here in this newsletter, on our social media sites, and often in a reminder letter in the organisers. There are many ways you can access information from BCC.

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Upcoming Junior School events

1 June – Yr 2 Excursion to Sir Leslie Morshead Manor

7 June - Musical Showcase

14 June -Band Workshop and Performance day

16 June - Athletics Carnival (for 11 years & under) @ Dickson Oval

23June - Last Day of Term 2

Award Winners for the Week

Each week Junior School teachers recognise student achievements in various subjects. This fortnight's award winners are:

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Congratulations to our recent award winners

Biblical Living
Kinder – Austin Tong, Daniel Ross
Year 1 – Cameron Hanson, Micah Lai
Year 2 – David Nguyen
Year 3 – Jordan McMaster, Charlotte Henderson
Year 4 – Madeleine Haywood
Teacher Choice
Kinder – Indiana Alley, Abigail Robin, Raina Kang
Year 1 – Tyson Huynh, Zachary Witteveen, Zac Vuolo
Year 2 – Brian Wong, Anasimone Ibrahim, Ollie Menakaya
Year 3 – Max Ng, Samuel Low, Jasmine Joomun
Year 4 – Sophia Maddock, Caleb Lee
Kinder – Darcy darker, Vardaan Eddula, Lachlan Stevens
Year 1 – Maribella Saad, Vanessa O’Meara, Mike Chizaka
Year 2 – Jasmine Stevens, Billy Carroll, Natalie Yule
Year 3 – Liam Ahmed, Milla Lai, Archie Radcliffe
Year 4 – Kiara Mangu, Raymond Zhuang

Uniform Requirements for Term 2 - Junior School Winter Uniform

Please note that all students are expected to wear full Winter uniform. Please avoid mixing uniforms, especially on cold mornings and with sports uniform. We encourage our children to take pride in their uniform and ask that you assist in dressing the children correctly.

Lyneham Middle School News

Middle School Update

Dear BCC Middle School friends and families,
Already we find ourselves in the middle of the term with time just seeming to fly past. Middle School has been very busy discovering new things, exploring ideas and producing excellent projects. It is encouraging to see our students engaged and motivated to explore and learn.

Congratulations to those students in Years 5 and 7 who successfully completed another week of NAPLAN. We appreciate each student’s positive attitude and work ethic towards these National tests. We encouraged all students to do their best as this is what God calls us to do, no matter what we put our hand to. This is seen in the College verse for 2017;

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Colossians 3:23-24

Mother's Day Project for Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed creating candles for their mums. Each student
drew or wrote on tissue paper then transferred their design using wax paper and
heat. Everyone was super pleased with the outcome and delighted with the
process. We truly hope the mums loved them too!

Year 5 are now studying the states of matter in Science and
have been conducting investigations and experiments on 8 different types of
materials. You might want to ask your Year 5 student about their findings so

BCC Maths Olympiad

“When 150 is divided from a number, the result is the same as when the number is divided by 7. What is the number?”

Wednesday 17 May saw our top Mathematics students in years 5-8 compete in round one of the Maths Olympiad. The task was a 30-minute test, comprised of five questions. Students tackled each question with vigour and we saw some excellent results.

The most pleasing aspect of the day was that students were given an opportunity to extend their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills in a competitive manner. Regardless of how well the students went, their efforts are to be praised as it was a challenging task.

By Mr Paul Thompson

Every suitcase tells a story

Year 6 are very much looking forward to sharing their "Every Suitcase Tells a Story" exhibition this Friday from 12-1pm in the LLC. This term they have been learning about immigration and have been asked to pack a suitcase filled with special possessions that belonged to a real or imaginary immigrant coming to Australia in the 1800's. They have written very creative stories that introduce their immigrant including where they came from, what their journey was like, how they have settled into life in Australia and what they miss from their homeland. We look forward to sharing our journey with parents, friends and fellow students.

School of Rock

Today School of Rock students performed in the Middle School assembly. They performed three pieces: ‘Riptide’, ‘Ride’ and ‘Put Your Records On’ and they sounded fantastic. School of Rock rehearses on Tuesdays 3.30pm – 4.30pm. Please contact Mr Andrew if you would like more information.

What’s on in Middle School

Look at all the activities that are ahead for Middle School: » Read More

Upcoming Dates

26 May - Invitation to Every Suitcase Tells a Story Exhibition

Friday, 26 May- Poetry in Action
9:45 AM - The Paper Tiger for Year 5 - 7
11:25 AM - The Citizenship Test for Year 8 & 9

29 May - Year 7 Immunisation Shots
Year 7 students will have their second round of shots

Monday 5 June - The Original Gold Rush Colony Excursion to Mogo
Depart at 6.45pm
In HASS, we are learning about the Gold Rushes of Australia and will be enjoying a day long excursion to The Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo, NSW. It’s an early start so please make sure all Year 5 students are at school by 6:45am on Monday 5 June. All students need to wear their full school winter uniform and bring plenty to eat and drink for the day. They need to remember their hats and may bring along money if they wish to buy a souvenir from the gift shop. Items in the gift shop range from 50c to $10. Please ensure all permission slips are signed and returned to school ASAP. We are looking forward to a fantastic and memorable experience.

7 June - Musical Showcase

14 June -Band Workshop and Performance day

16 June - Athletics Carnival (for 11 years & under)

23June - Last Day of Term 2

WISE Awards

The following Middle Schoolers received awards last week for exhibiting wisdom, integrity, service and excellence. » Read More

WISE AWARDS – 17 May 2017

Sophie Steele, Yr 5
Lucas Von Sanden, Yr 5
Joeleigh Esterhuizen, Yr 6
Sophie Dawe, Yr 6
Nicholas Garnsey, Yr 6
Isabel Maddock, Yr 6
Daeun Jung, Yr 7
Teagan Young, Yr 7

Uniform Requirements for Term 2- Middle School Winter Uniform

Reminder: In Term 2 students in Middle School are required to wear Winter Uniform.

Please encourage your child to wear the correct uniform with pride. Uniform requirements can be located on the college website. Students wearing make-up or nail varnish will be sent to the student office for removal.
Generally, students are to wear their formal uniform to all excursions unless stipulated otherwise on the note.

Lyneham Senior School News

Senior School Update

What an incredibly busy fortnight it has been in Senior School – I feel like it is only now that I am able to catch my breath! The last two weeks have seen the final NAPLAN for our Year 9 cohort completed, the Year 12 Biology class visit to Canowindra and Wellington Caves to investigate Devonian aged fossils, the Maths Olympiad, school photos and of course our College Open Evening. This next fortnight also looks to be a busy period with many exciting events planned, including the Year 10 exam period (this week), the Year 11 and 12 exam period, ICAS Digital Technology and Science testing, the Poetry in Action incursion, Music Group Eisteddfods, a visit to LaTrobe University for Years 11 and 12 students.
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Our College Open Night with Subject Market and Tertiary Study Expo. on Wednesday 17 May was a great success, with a significant increase in visitors in comparison to 2016. At the beginning of the evening, current and prospective students and their families were provided with information about the ACT Year 12 College system (including some of the very confusing acronyms) and the variety of pathways that students might take beyond compulsory schooling. It was great hearing students discussing post-school options with a range of education providers at the Tertiary Study Expo, and also to have students confidently ask questions of our College staff about the various subject options available to them in Year 11 and 12. Hopefully we managed to provide some helpful information about the ACT College system to assist families in navigating Year 11 and 12 studies. I would like to thank the College staff for setting up the engaging and informative displays which helped to encourage discussions with Year 10 students and families. We will be sending out a continuing enrolment letter to all Year 10 families shortly with details surrounding the next steps in preparing for this great next chapter in their education.

This week saw the commencement of the Senior School exam period with Year 10 Exams. The Year 10 students appeared to be well-settled and well-prepared for the exams, demonstrating a good level of maturity. Next week Year 11 and 12 students will also sit their Semester 1 exams and should by now be revising in preparation. Examinations play an important role in the assessment program at the College and are conducted to prepare our students for similar assessment requirements at university and other post-school educational providers.

Many students find the demands of the exam period (and for some – school in general) quite stressful. It is important to note that wellness, including physical wellness can have a positive impact on a student’s academic success. Studies have found that not only is exercise linked to improved time management skills and reduction in stress levels, they also show that regular exercise is associated with increases in mental energy and improved mental performance (due to an increased blood flow during exercise which carries a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients to the brain) – the result of this is of course an improvement in academic performance.

Another positive link to your body’s physical health is the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind. So not only will students sharpen their thinking and learning abilities by improving their physical fitness, they will also enhance their sense of self-esteem and self-control and reduce the symptoms of moderate depression and other mental illness. This is because exercise produces changes in certain chemical levels in the body, including increasing the levels of endorphins (brain hormones associated with a happy, positive feeling) and boosting the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain (serotonin plays a key role in keeping your mood calm).

For more information about getting your teen active and thus helping to improve their academic performance and mental health, type the following address into your web browser:

To finish, I would like to quote from The Message version of 1 Timothy 4: 7b – 8: “Exercise daily in God – no spiritual flabbiness please! Workouts in the gymnasiums are useful, but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit both today and forever”. I would like to encourage all Senior School students to not only exercise their physical bodies but to further exercise their relationship and understanding of God – as He is our creator and He created our bodies for his purpose. We are guided through the bible to take care of our bodies, in all regards, and if we take care of ourselves, including our spiritual wellness, we will not only be rewarded in this life, but in the next.

Yours in Christian education,

Mrs Cecelia Davey
Head of Senior School (Pastoral Care)

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Students
At BCC, Senior Students have the opportunity to participate in the renown Duke of Ed Award. Last assembly we awarded the Bronze Duke of Ed. to Nkazi Dube (Yr11), Charlie Hagan (Yr10) and awarded Olivia Paul her Silver Duke of Ed. Now that they have finished the requirements, they have a certificate to include on their CV and can wear their Duke of Ed. pin on their blazer with pride. Congratulations again to those students.

Are you half-way through your Duke of Ed.? Do you want to start a Silver or Gold Award?

Here is a quick overview to explain the process of gaining an Award or a refresher for students who have just forgotten about it.
» Read More

GO go to online record book and register with Brindabella Christian College as your award unit or login and if it’s been a while and you have forgotten details you can email the support desk or ask Mr Mitchell what your email is or to change your password.  

Agree what level you will do.
NOTE: Parental/Guardian consent is required.

• Receive your Record Book/access to the Online Record Book.

NOTE: Payment must be finalised with the school.

• Decide on your activities for each Section. Discuss with your Award Leader – Mr Mitchell.

NOTE: You do not have to decide on all activities for each Section in order to start your Award.

You may decide to start one Section before deciding on activities for the other Sections.

• Discuss your activities with Mr Mitchell prior to starting to make sure they are appropriate for D of E or even if you just want more ideas.

• Identify your Assessors and invite them.

• Set goals with your Assessors and decide which activity you will do for your Major Section.

• Let your Award Leader (Mr Mitchell) know who your Assessors are and what goals you are hoping to achieve.

NOTE: Mr Mitchell needs to approve your Assessors before they commence their role if they haven’t done it before. A WWVP card check may also be required.

Start your Activities.

• Keep at your activities for the required time. Pursue your goals. Don’t forget to do your activities regularly (at least 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight). In the case of service, this may be four hours per month (in block time periods where project based service warrants this) dependent on Award Leader approval.

• The required Adventurous Journey training and preparation, go on your practice journey(s) and do your qualifying journey. You can jump on an open camp through OEG-

• Remember to keep your Record Book up to date and to keep your Assessors and Award Leader informed of your progress.

• Try to keep a journal or diary. You may like to take photos, shoot video, or record a soundtrack.

• Get your Assessors to complete their final assessment report and sign off that Section when you have finished the activity.

NOTE: You may finish your activities at different times. Make sure you contact each Assessor at the time of completing each Section.

• Submit your Online Record Book to the Award Leader for approval once all Sections are completed by both you and your Assessors.

• Await final assessment and sign-off by your Award Leader. Note, Gold Awards are subject to a further review process by a State/Territory Award Operating Authority.

CONGRATULATIONS! After completing these steps, you will have achieved your Award. For Bronze and Silver awards we will present them at Senior Assemblies.

Happy Dukeing

Year 12 Biology Adventure

Last Thursday, Year 12 Biology students set out on a grand adventure to the Age of Fishes Museum in Canowindra. They toured the Geologic Time Walk, learning about the age of the earth and the changes that occurred to bring the earth to where it is now. They also observed the pallets of incredible numbers of fish fossils that were found in the area. A further stint took them to the Phosphate Mine near Wellington. The mine contained both historical information and fossils that show the development over time of animals such as the kangaroo. Students enjoyed exploring the fossil world and learning about the existing theories regarding the origin of life on earth.

Kate Hodgson
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College Taster Day

On Tuesday 20 June we are going to be hosting a College ‘Taster’ Day for our Year 10 students. This day is going to consist of students in year 10 attending a range of College classes and experiencing a ‘taste’ of College life here at Brindabella.

Students often have misconceptions around the learning environment they are entering into, often thinking it is similar to Year 10. We would like to give our Year 10s a chance to learn about the subjects they are hoping to study, experience study time in the café, and to gain greater insight into the adult learning environment that exists for our College students. We will be asking students to nominate a range of subjects they wish to experience a lesson in on that day, to come up with a mock timetable. We hope this helps our students to better understand the true nature of College studies at BCC.

If you have friends who are interested in attending please ask them to book their place at our Try Senior School for a Day

What’s happening in Senior School

Look at all the activities that are ahead for Senior School: » Read More

Poetry in Action
Date: Friday 26 May
Time: All Day (timeslots for each year group)
Who Students in Years 5 to 12

ANU Math Day
Date: Friday 26 May

LaTrobe University visit
Date: Friday 26 May
Who: Year 11 and 12 Students

Year 11/12 Exams
Date: Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June

ICAS - Science
Date: Tuesday 30 May

Australian Eisteddfod Band Competition
Date: Tuesday 30 May

Musical Showcase
Date: Wednesday 7 June

ICAS – Writing
Tuesday 13 June

ICAS – Spelling
Wednesday 14 June

Band Workshop and Performance day
Wednesday 14 June

Sir Leslie Morshead Manor "Rhythm of Life" Festival
Monday19 June

College Taster Day - for current Yr 10 Students
Tuesday 29 June

Last Day of Term (all students)
Date: Friday 23 June

Year 11/12 Examinations

On Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June, Year 11 and 12 students will be sitting College examinations in the LLC. We wish all our College students the best as they prepare for these assessments.

An exam timetable will be provided to Year 11 and 12 students shortly.

Humanities and Careers

With all the talk of university funding and changes to admission processes and requirements, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students and families to choose universities and courses. I’ve had a number of conversations recently surrounding reputation and whether a student will get a “better degree” from one university over another. However, there is significantly more to consider when choosing a university than reputation alone. Firstly, it is important to recognise that the Australian Government, through the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency ensures that all publically funded universities are teaching and assessing to an appropriate standard. Secondly, recent research has provided valuable insight into what actually impacts student satisfaction and success at university. The results may surprise you. The University of Liverpool have published a meta-analysis of studies that tracked student success. Over 15,000 students were included and the data stretched across 10 years. The studies incorporated data that asked students to nominate the reasons why they had chosen their particular course of study. » Read More

Some findings of the study were:

·         Students who chose their university on reputation alone were twice as likely to drop out when compared to those who chose their university based on where they felt more comfortable.

·         Students who chose a degree based on their interests as opposed to ‘prestige’ were 90% less likely to experience a significant mental health episode.

·         Students who chose a university based on the culture of the university and a degree based in their interests were more likely to achieve Distinctions and High Distinctions when compared to their peers.

It is still important that students choose degrees that are meaningful and will help them to be employable after graduation. Combining both this need and the outcomes of the study, there are some questions that families should ask when considering a university or a specific degree:

1.       What is the culture at this university, and will I feel comfortable here?

The biggest takeaway from the study was that culture was the most influential factor in student success. Students who identified with the culture and felt comfortable at the university achieved significantly higher results than those who did not. Culture is influenced by the size of the university, teacher to student ratio as well as the activities of the myriad of student associations and bodies on campus. While it is difficult to get a feel of the culture of a university at an open day or on the internet, it is worth seeing what facilities are on-campus and what clubs and societies are active – these are usually very good indications of the culture of a university.

2.       Does the degree have a work integrated learning component?

Work integrated learning components are just a fancy way of saying internships. Many universities are incorporating these into the core component of their degrees, and they are a significant contributor to student employment after graduation. Given that the majority of professional jobs have a Bachelor degree as a required component, work experience can often provide students with the edge they need to be employable. If a degree has a work integrated learning component, then it is a clear indication that the university places a high importance on employability.

3.       Am I able to do an overseas exchange?

Overseas exchanges are excellent ways to travel and study at the same time. They also demonstrate an adaptability and flexibility that employers seek. While Europe and America are often very sought-after destinations for exchange, many universities provide opportunities to English-speaking universities in Asia and South America. With the Federal Government maintaining the OS-HELP scheme to provide up to $10,000 in assistance funds for overseas study, as well as the Colombo Plan, incorporating an exchange into an undergraduate degree has never been easier. Universities that promote exchange programs and opportunities typically place a strong emphasis on intercultural understanding, which is a valuable workplace skill.

As always, I am very happy to assist families in discussing through options and pathways for students and parents as you consider future university and work options. I can be contacted at: if you have any questions.

Yours in Christian Education,

Ben Archer
Head of Humanities and Careers

University of Wollongong Information Night

The University of Wollongong will be holding an information evening for current Year 11/12 students and their families at the Novotel at the Jolimont Centre on Wednesday, May 24th. The event commences at 6:30pm and concludes at 7:30pm with Q&A available afterwards.

Bachelor of Business Studies @ C.I.T.

C.I.T. have also announced their new Bachelor of Business Studies program taught in conjunction with Charles Sturt University in Barton. The program consists of a student undertaking 2 years of a Certificate IV in Business Management before matriculating into the second year of the Bachelor of Business program at Charles Sturt University. This provides students with the practical business skills sought by employers (such as bookkeeping and inventory management) as well as the theoretical business skills required for middle management positions. You can find more information here:

Love History? Get bonus points at Macquarie University

Macquarie University in Sydney are offering bonus points for students who complete their Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled: “Big History”. Students who complete this course and have Macquarie University listed as one of their preferences can receive bonus points for admission for any degree offered at their university (except Actuarial Studies or Psychology). You can find out more about the Big History MOOC and enrolment information for the course here:

Uniform Requirements for Term 2 - Senior School Winter Uniform

All students are reminded that we are now in full winter uniform and a particular reminder that the blazer must be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3 and it is always to be the outermost garment for warmth. If a student is cold they should wear their blazer at school, if they are very cold they should put on their jumper WITH the blazer over the top. The jumper is not to be worn as the outermost garment. If any students do not yet have their blazer they are asked to liaise with the College uniform shop as soon as possible to arrange for a blazer. » Read More

We are working hard to instill a sense of College pride, modesty and discipline in our young people as they represent the College with their uniform. Our students when dressed in full College uniform, look absolutely fantastic and we want to protect this important aspect of our culture.

General News

artKids Trail BCC 2017

artKids - Art workshops Yr 1 - 6Does your child want to learn to draw, paint and sculpt?

Are they keen to learn more about the world's Great Artists?

Do they want to explore their creativity in a fun, supportive

way where there are no such things as 'flops' but only 'flopportunities'?

Workshops run 3.30 - 5.00 pm on Thursday. I meet the children outside the middle school play equipment and provide afternoon tea. Cost is $270 for the 10-week term and includes afternoon tea and all materials - no lugging extra books, pencils, etc to to class! Term starts first week back, Thursday, 28 April 2017.

Let your child experience the joy of creating.

Book your child’s place with artKids now!

“Art class with you is my daughter’s absolute favourite thing in the week. You and Jenna are wonderful with what you provide for the kids. It's a very special class you've developed and we’d love to join you again.”

Turner parent,Yr 3 child

Book your place now! Robyn Thurecht, Connect 2 Creativity at or 0405 014 180.

Lost Property

There continues to be a large amount of lost property in the Lost Property Area. A number of attempts were made to help remind people to check items in Term 1 and still not collected at the beginning of the term. Due to health concerns, we cannot continue to hold these items indefinitely.

When your child misplaces an item, please encourage them to look for their lost property. Any items found on the playground are placed into the Lost Property Area, located outside the IT Office, on shelves that are easily accessible.

Please ensure you label ALL your clothing with your name (jumpers, hats, drink bottles, containers, AND lids). Every effort will be made to reunite your child with their item, but it is their responsibility to look after their property and reflect the College ROCK value of Respect for their property and others.

Any lunchboxes or drink bottles not collected by the end of school on Friday will no longer be kept on the premises.

Clothing items without a name will be given to the second-hand clothing store.

Performing Arts

At BCC we have some amazing music opportunities for students.

» Read More

Melbourne Music Tour

Rehearsals for our Melbourne Music Tour (23rd June – 29th June) are well under way. Brindabella Christian College and Trinity Christian School students came together for their first rehearsal on Monday. We had a fantastic time and are very excited about future rehearsals and performances together.

Instrumental Music Lessons
Did you know that regular instrumental tuition has been shown to be hugely beneficial for children’s development? We have a number of experienced and inspiring instrumental tutors working at BCC. Please contact them ASAP to arrange instrumental lessons for your child.

Brass - Josh Hart 0434966089
Cello - Megan Taylor 0427417844
Clarinet / Flute - Neille Williams 0413063244
Drums / Guitar - Toby Wagner 0479 034 582
Flute - Jane Rylands 6273 3884, 0412140289
Piano - Mandy Maskell 62424441
Piano - Jack Bewsher 0450503288
Saxophone - Oisin Smith-Coburn 0423714024
Trumpet - Louisa Walton 0405437278
Trumpet - Rohan Heffernan
Violin / Strings - Program Co-ordinator Jacqueline Smith 0449183193
Violin / Chamber Strings / Piano / Accompanist - Eliana Piddington 0403429998
Violin - Elisha Adams 0434865314
Violin - Matthew Foster
Vocals - Sarahlouise Owens 0406377832
Vocals - Rebecca Pryor 0404769138


Jessica Roberts

Changes to the Lyneham Campus Carpark

To ensure the safety of our students, the Lyneham Campus carpark now has new lines, bollards and speed humps. Please ensure you drive slowly and take special notice of all the new signage...and the children.

Changes to School Bus Services 630 & 618

School Service 630 will see a diversion at Gungahlin Marketplace.
Change to route: Due to the closure of Hibberson Street Gungahlin Bus Stops 6043 and 7004 will no longer be serviced. This service will now drop off at Stop ID 5056 – Woolworths car park, Gozzard Street


School Bus Service 618 will see a diversion at Gungahlin Marketplace.
Change to route: Due to the closure of Hibberson Street Gungahlin Bus Stops 7002 and 6135 will no longer be serviced. This service will now pick up at Stop ID 6003 – Raiders Club, Gozzard Street
» Read More

School Bus 618 School Bus 618 (265 KB)

SChool Bus 630 SChool Bus 630 (265 KB)

Commencing: Monday 24 April 2017 until further notice.

We encourage you to view this information now available on the Transport Canberra Website.

We further advise that parents and students are able to use our NXTBUS system to view live bus information for selected stops or stations.



Transport Canberra

Transport Canberra and City Services | ACT Government

496 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson ACT | GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 |


Before School Care

Brindabella Christian College offers before school care to interested families. For further information please contact Tammy Brown in the Early Learning Centre on 02 6248 9736 or by emailing:

Early Arrivals

Parents are asked to note that school commences at 8.55am and that Brindabella teaching staff commence work at 8.25am each day. » Read More

There is no playground supervision prior to this time and no guarantee that staff are on the premises. Should parents make the choice to drop children at school prior to 8.25am, the children will be required to sit in the designated 'no play' area on the white benches until supervision commences.

School Fee Finance

School Fee Finance offers parents an easy, convenient and affordable way to spread the cost ot school fees, improving cash flow.

For more information please go to:

Community News


McDermott Place, Lake Ginninderra
Conducted on Sundays by North Canberra-Gungahlin Athletics Club
SEASON REGISTRATION $20 single runner; $50 family of 3+, or $5 per casual session (x2 only)
For information contact: Dianne Calvert m. 0413221988 e.
Registrations are taken at any event during the season…come down, have a run, and have fun 
See form below: » Read More

artKids Trail BCC 2017

artKids - Art workshops Yr 1 - 6Does your child want to learn to draw, paint and sculpt?

Are they keen to learn more about the world's Great Artists?

Do they want to explore their creativity in a fun, supportive

way where there are no such things as 'flops' but only 'flopportunities'?

Workshops run 3.30 - 5.00 pm on Thursday. I meet the children outside the middle school play equipment and provide afternoon tea. Cost is $270 for the 10-week term and includes afternoon tea and all materials - no lugging extra books, pencils, etc to to class! Term starts first week back, Thursday, 28 April 2017.

Let your child experience the joy of creating.

Book your child’s place with artKids now!

“Art class with you is my daughter’s absolute favourite thing in the week. You and Jenna are wonderful with what you provide for the kids. It's a very special class you've developed and we’d love to join you again.”

Turner parent,Yr 3 child

Book your place now! Robyn Thurecht, Connect 2 Creativity at or 0405 014 180.


The Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools (APFACTS) is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. » Read More

School Funding; AISACT perspective.

We invite all those interested in the recent changes to school funding to join us for Andrew’s presentation. This Information Session will provide you with an overview of this complex system.
The focus of this presentation will be on the Independent sector.


Presenter:          Andrew Wrigley - Executive Director of AISACT.

Date:                   Thursday 25th May, 2017 (Term 2, Week 5)

Time:                   7pm-8pm

Venue:       Hedley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning
51 Fremantle Drive Stirling ACT


To book tickets:


Please Note: As Independent schools are responsible for managing their finances, no comments will be made in direct relation to individual school fees. The purpose of this talk is to explain the various layers of school funding in general terms.


Linda Fleming
Executive Officer
02 6287 3538


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Whole School: