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Message from our Principal

This will be the final newsletter for the term and when I reflect on the year so far it is amazing how quickly the time has gone by. Parent/Teacher interviews have been held this week and I hope that parents were able to take this opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss the progress of their child or children.

Next Thursday from 5pm to 7:30pm Encore will be held at the Lyneham campus. This will be my first Encore and I am looking forward to experiencing the event and to see the students showcasing the work that they have done in the creative and performing arts across the College. I encourage all parents to come along and bring your friends to see some of the great talent that will be on display.

The final day of the term will see the students and staff participate in Jump Rope for Heart. The playground has been very full with students from all year levels skipping during breaks and PE lessons. The skill level of some of the students, and staff, is very high and it will be a great way to finish the term.
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I hope and pray that if you are travelling during these holidays you have a safe and enjoyable break away and that students come back for the final term refreshed and ready for another busy end to the year.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24 (NIV)

Mr Bruce Handley

Whole School News

P&F Lyneham Update

This year the Lyneham P&F will provide dinner at the upcoming ENCORE: festival of the Arts event on Thursday 21 September 5-7.30pm. To place your dinner order please follow the link:

If you are able to volunteer on the day please email the:

Father's Day Breakfast Report
On Friday 1 September, the Lyneham P&F held a father's day breakfast and gift stall. From all reports, everyone had a fabulous time. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped at both events.

Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge

This year 318 students from Kindergarten to Year 4 completed the Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge. The Challenge involves reading at least 15 books betweem February and September and many students far exceeded this number. Every student who completes the Challenge receives a certificate from the Chief Minister at the end of the year.

Mrs Rachel Richards
Director of Information Resources

Performing Arts Desk

ENCORE: FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS, 21st September from 5:00 – 7:30pm

Preparations are underway for our bi-annual celebration of the musical, dramatic, media, culinary and technological arts, showcasing the work of students from Kindergarten – Yr 12. The evening will be a delightful mix of performances, displays and tasty morsels. All students who participate in a music ensemble or have individual lessons are expected to perform as part of the event. A timetable will be released closer to the event.

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Co-Curricular Music

A reminder that there are a large number of opportunities at BCC for students to be involved in the joy of making music with others.  We would love to welcome new students into the following ensembles in Semester 2.

Music Ensembles

Enrolment in individual or group tuition is essential for participation in the following ensembles.

AMEB Grade = Australian Music Examination Board Grade level

School of Rock

NEW in 2017

Joel Andrew

Tuesday, 3:30 – 4:30

Performing Arts Centre

Student in Year 7-12 only. Small group ensembles for students interested in developing contemporary music skills. Will include workshops and self-directed rehearsal time.

String Ensembles

Junior String Orchestra

Jacqueline Smith

Wednesday, 8:00 – 8:55

Music Room


AMEB Grade 1 or equivalent

Generally suitable for students in Year 4 and above or students who have been playing for approximately 6 months -2 years.

Students must be receiving lessons.

Cello Ensemble

Megan Taylor

Tuesday, 8:00- 8:55

Performing Arts Centre

Open to all cello students currently receiving lessons.

Intermediate String Orchestra

Jacqueline Smith

Thursday, 8:00 – 8:55 Music Room


AMEB Grade 2 -3 or equivalent

Generally suitable for students in Year 5 and above or students who have been playing for approximately 2-3 years and are currently receiving lessons.

Chamber Orchestra

Eliana Piddington

Wednesday, Lunch 1

Performing Arts Centre

AMEB Grade 5 + or equivalent

Generally suitable for students in Year 6 and above or students who have been playing for approximately over 3 years. Students must be receiving lessons.


Junior Band

Gemma White

Monday, 3:30 – 4:30

Music Room

AMEB Preliminary – AMEB Grade 2 or equivalent

Generally suitable for students in Year 6 and above or students who have been playing for approximately 1-2 years.

Intermediate Band

Joel Andrew

Thursday, 3:30 – 4:30

Music Room

AMEB Grade 3-5

Generally suitable for students in Year 7 and above or students who have been playing for approximately 2-3 years.

Senior Band

Gemma White

Monday, 4:30 – 5:30

Performing Arts Centre

AMEB Grade 6 +

Generally suitable for students in Year 9 and above or students who have been playing for approximately 6 years.

BCC Community members most welcome.

Other Ensembles

Junior Choir

Tina Mitchell

Debbie Wells

Wednesday Lunch 1

Music Room

Interview with Mrs Mitchell at first rehearsal

Middle School Choir

NEW in Semester 2

Jessica Roberts

Monday Lunch 1

Music Room

Interview with Mrs Roberts at first rehearsal

Senior School Choir

Jessica Roberts

Tuesday, 3:30 – 4:30

First Rehearsal 14/2/17

Interview with Mrs Roberts at first rehearsal

Middle School Worship Team

Jessica Roberts


Tuesday, Lunch 1

Music Room

First Rehearsal 7/2/17

Interview with Mrs Roberts at first rehearsal

Provides music for Middle School Assemblies and other school events.

Senior School Worship Team

Jessica Roberts

Tuesday, 8:00– 8:55

Music Room

First Rehearsal 7/2/17

Interview with Mrs Roberts at first rehearsal

Provides music for Senior School Assemblies and other events

Djembe Group

Catherine Beckett

Tuesday, Lunch 1

Interview with Mrs Beckett at first rehearsal

Please contact us at for further information.



BCC Netball Teams @ Finals this Saturday - come and support

Everyone is invited to attend the Netball Finals this Saturday 16 September to support our BCC Teams:

10.30am Jnr BCC Jelly Beans Lyneham Crt 5

11.30am Inter BCC Belles Lyneham Crt 5

12.30pm Cadets BCC Bluebirds Lyneham Crt 3

ACT Netball Centre, Southwell Park, Northbourne Ave, Lyneham, ACT, 2602

Operation Christmas Child

Your family will have received a shoebox this week for Operation Christmas Child. The children show great enthusiasm for this charitable activity. The option to put items in the box is completely voluntary. You may wish to only put a few items in the box and this is okay too as we will have a packing afternoon with the Senior students where they will donate items to help fill any boxes which may need a little top up. All boxes are due back on Friday 13 October (Week 1 Term 4).

"What not to pack for Operation Christmas Child"
Don't pack a pirate, skull or a bone,
Don't pack food that can rot cause it'll make them groan.
Don't pack a Bible cause it's religious,
And if you pack them some money they'll feel prestigious.
Take out second hand things and make some room,
But don't fill it with toothpaste cause it can go boom.
Don't pack dice or cards or other things for gambling,
Because it can send all of their money scrambling.
Those are some bad things but there are other,
If you want to know them all then you can ask your mother.
You can look up the website of Operation Christmas Child,
To ensure your mistakes are smaller than mild.

By An Anonymous Year 6 Student

Students in Years 5 and 6 have been asked to bring their items on Thursday 21 September for our Year 5/6 packing day and collecting boxes.

However boxes for the rest of the school aren't due until Friday 13 October including any Year 5/6 who want to take a box home to fill with their family on the holidays.

Follow the link for more information about Operation Christmas Child

Congratulations to Annick Theron

Congratulations to Annick Theron for being selected as training partner in the School Sports ACT Under 15 Netball Squad. This is an outstanding achievement at the end of 3 rounds of very competitive trials that was open to junior representative netball players. She was also chosen as one of the reserves for the ACT team that will participate in the Pacific School Games in Adelaide in December.

Congratulations to Jemma Wilson

Jemma Wilson has won the Cross Country Schools Competition for the second year in a row. BCC retained the trophy for 2017. Well done Jemma !


Zone Track & Field Carnivals
Last month, five BCC students qualified to compete in the "12 Years and Under ACT Athletics Championship" at AIS.

Jump Rope for Heart

Hi wonderful parents.

During PE this term, your children are preparing for the Bi-annual Jump Rope for Heart program. The Heart Foundation's Jump Rope for Heart is one of Australia’s most popular physical activity and fundraising program in schools. We would like our BCC families to get behind this program by registering your child and helping BCC raise funds online at This site will provide all the support for fundraising and in 2015 we raised over $6000.

You are invited to the Jump Rope spectacular in the quadrangle on Friday 22 September 11.30 – 1pm.

Chris Harch
Sports Coordinator & PE Teacher
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Vacation Care

Brindabella Christian College offers Vacation care during school breaks. To register for the September October Vacation Care please submit your booking form via our phone app.

Welcome to Fiona Hannan

To get to know some of our new staff members, we have asked them a couple of questions. » Read More

1. What are you teaching at BCC?

I am the new Defence Transition Mentor

2. Are you a local?  

Yes my house is actually only 150m from the school entrance gate!

3. What cheers you up?  

My dog ‘Cookie Monstah’ who is always incredibly happy to welcome me home.  He behaves like I have been gone for months, when I actually just went out to check the letterbox

4. What was the last photo you took on your phone and why?  

The last photo on my phone was of one of our cats Tiggie.  I took the photo to send it as a good morning message to my 16 year old daughter who lives in at the AIS.  He is her cat and she missed him a whole lot more than the rest of us family members.

5. What is your favourite book/magazine/vlog/Youtuber?  

My favourite ever book is 'The Outsiders'.  I kept the copy I read when I was in primary school and then gave it to each of my children to read when they were older.

6. Where do you go to church?  

I mostly attend St Ninians Uniting Church, right here in Lyneham.  I am new to Canberra though and have actually been attending a few different churches to see where we feel most comfortable.

7. What was the last movie/TV program you watched?  

I have been binge watching a TV series called 'The Good Wife'.  It is mostly a drama about the law and politics and I have loved that it has a strong female lead character.

 8. What type of music do you listen to (Genre, Artist, Songs)?

I struggle to listen to any type of music and make my children wear headphones unless I am driving, when I sing along to a radio station that plays hits from the 1980s.  My children complain bitterly about this habit.

 9. Do you prefer Windows or Mac? Why?

Mac all the way!  No contest, better technology, better video editing and beautifully crafted technology.

10. What sports do you enjoy playing, watching?  

I enjoy watching and playing basketball but our teenagers also compete in tennis, rugby and hockey so we are involved in a whole range of sports.

11. Who do you support NSW or Queensland in the State of Origin?

My son supports Queensland… and I really don’t care.

12. What Teams do you support?  

I have never really followed a particular team in a particular sport but will probably go to see a few Canberra Capitals Basketball Games this season now that we live locally.

13. Where have you worked previously

I have worked as a professional Basketball Coach and delivering basketball programs at a range of Brisbane based Christian schools.  I was a Special Ed and PE Teacher in a Catholic School when I lived in Perth but have not taught full time since.  I have also been a TV Sports Commentator, CEO of a not-for-profit, Marketing Manager and currently still do Corporate Speaking events.


Science Fair

A number of Science projects were submitted by BCC Students to the annual 'Sea ACT Science Fair".

If you would like to check out this year's entries:

16-20 Oct - Public display of winning entries @ CSIRO Discovery
Fri 20 Oct, 5.1.5-7.30pm - Prize Ceremony @ CSIRO Discovery, Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain » Read More

Brindabella Christian College is registered with the Athlete’s Foot School Rewards Program

Brindabella Christian College is registered with The Athlete’s Foot Canberra as part of their School Rewards Program. By mentioning Brindabella Christian College when purchasing any shoe at The Athlete’s Foot Canberra, $5 dollars of that sale will go back to our school. » Read More

Students spend around a thousand hours a year in their school shoes and finding the correct shoes is not just a matter of the right size but ensuring it is the right fit! Width, arch type, pressure points and any tendency to roll in/out are all important factors in determining the correct fitting shoe. The staff at The Athlete’s Foot Canberra are trained in foot anatomy and physiology and use the revolutionary technology of MyFit® that scans childrens’ feet. MyFit® identifies pressure points through individual gaits and helps us select the most comfortable, best fitting shoes. The Athlete’s foot Canberra has a wide range of school and sporting shoes and they are sure to find the right shoes for any child.

Next time you are at the The Athlete’s Foot Canberra be sure to mention Brindabella Christian College. The School Rewards Program is a fantastic initiative that will be a great asset to our school.

Anxiety in Kids and Teens avoidance brave behaviour

Most children and teenagers experience anxiety at some time, the most common behaviour seen in children is to try to avoid what they are anxious about. By allowing our children to do this they are learning that the only way to cope with anxiety is to avoid. Below is another link from the Hey Sigmund website, this article gives some very helpful ideas to parents to help children and teenagers to effectively cope with anxiety rather than avoidance.

Rhonda Malouf
School Psychologist

Communicating with School

We love hearing from our BCC families. Should you have a query or concern about your child’s learning please be sure to contact their class, Pastoral or Connect Group teacher in the first instance. Should you not be able to resolve the matter, it is advisable to then make contact with their relevant Head of Department. » Read More

This can be done by phoning the school or emailing the relevant staff member.

Phone: 02 6247 4644

All teachers have their unique email address using the following structure:


Lyneham ELC News

ELC Lyneham Update

Dear Families,
We have been extremely busy these past few weeks! Charnwood ELC has been preparing for their assessment and rating process. At Lyneham, we have been helping as much as we can by sharing resources, ideas and collaborating to ensure that we have consistent and quality results for all of our children.

While preparing, we have found that the process has been one of sorting and organising our learning areas, but also a chance for teams to regroup and organise themselves. We have had a big year so far and we don’t anticipate the learning pace to slow anytime soon.

The children have had a very busy term, learning about how they can regulate themselves and their emotions as well as communicate these needs to their friends. There has been significant growth and development in our children and we are so proud of them and their efforts.

Next term, we will be looking at transitions. This is to help our children move and prepare for 2018. PK will be moving to Kindergarten, which none of the staff are ready for as we love them so dearly.

This fortnight I would like to leave you with this verse;
“Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”
- Isaiah 46:4
God promises to support, love and carry us. As our children prepare for their changes, we pray that they feel the love and seek to be sustained in Christ, always.
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P3 have been working with some of the PK resources to help them identify and form letters. This is particularly important when learning to write our names!

PK have been working on learning the days of the week and how to write the date- an essential skill they will use in their later schooling.

In Christ,


Follow us!


 Brindabella Christian College Education

Lyneham Junior School News

Junior School Update

Junior School have been very busy this past fortnight with class assemblies, exciting excursions and an Outdoor Classroom Day.

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. On Thursday 7 September 2017, Brindabella joined Nature Play CBR and thousands of schools around Australia by taking lessons outside and prioritising playtime. Despite the chilly weather last week, the teachers moved some of their lesson time to the outdoors. The children were excited and certainly enjoyed this opportunity.
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The children have been madly practising their skipping ready for the Jump Rope for Heart Skip Off next Friday (last day of term). It always amazes me how quickly their skills develop and improve during this time. If you are choosing to fundraise for this event your child will have brought home a flier with all the online fundraising details.

Students are to be wearing their school hat during all play times and sport times. There are a large number of students who are not wearing their hat. Please remind your child to have their hat in their bag each day and please ensure it is clearly labelled with their name and class. 

"remember the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ACTS 20:35

Yours in Christian Education,
Rebecca Jefferys
Head of Junior School


Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge

This year 318 students from Kindergarten to Year 4 completed the Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge. The Challenge involves reading at least 15 books betweem February and September and many students far exceeded this number. Every student who completes the Challenge receives a certificate from the Chief Minister at the end of the year.

Mrs Rachel Richards
Director of Information Resources

KL’s Outdoor Classroom

Last week Kindergarten participated in the golbal campaign "Outdoor Classroom". The students worked in teams and collected lots of sticks and practiced measuring and put all the sticks in order from shortest to tallest.

Afterwards Kindergarten linked our learning to the Three Little Pigs, and the students had a chance to attempt to create a stick house of their own. The students came up with creative ideas, and each pair had a different looking house. The big bad wolf came along and tried to blow their house down, but KL were better builders than the three little pigs and the wolf had to go without dinner.
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Uniform Requirements Term 4 - Summer Uniform Junior School

Reminder: In Term 4 students are to wear full Summer Uniform.

Please check the uniform requirements on the BCC Website to ensure that all students are dressed appropriately. Students failing to wear the correct uniform will be issued with a letter to parents. Makeup and coloured nail polish are not permitted and students will be sent to the student administration office to remove.


Year 4 have been researching the effects of water, wind and ice erosion in Australia and around the world.

Students asked questions, hypothesised, conducted experiments and then reflected upon how land changes due to weathering and erosion and what can they do to prevent the damage. 4M used a cookie, toothpick and water to demonstrate, on a smaller scale, how weathering (the breaking down of rocks into smaller rocks) and erosion (the movement of soil through water, wind and ice) effect our environment. Then they went outside and got dirty as they investigated water and soil movement.
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Reader of the Week - Renee Bettu

Congratulations Renee on enjoying your lunchtime reading.

Junior School Assemblies every Fridays @ 2.30pm in the LLC

Every Friday, Junior School gathers to celebrate and share their learning with each other. Each class will have an opportunity to lead this assembly. On the weeks where no class is timetabled there will be a Worship assembly. All parents, grandparents, carers and relatives are invited to attend these assemblies.

Assembly Timetable Term 3:
Week 9 – 15 September - 3L
Week 10 – 22 September - no assembly
Week 11 – 13 October - Worship
Week 12 – 20 October -Worship
Week 13 & 14 – 27 October & 4 November - no assembly due to swimming lessons
Week 15 – 10 November - 3H
Week 16 – 17 November - 1L
Week 17 – 24 November -Kindergarten – KL, KB, KS
Week 18 & 19 – no assembly

Junior School Dates for the Diary

Upcoming events in Term 3 include:

Week 9
Friday 15 September - Yr 2 National Museum

Week 10
Tuesday 19 September – Track & Field C/ships U12,
Thursday 21 September - ENCORE Festival of Arts (5:00pm-7:30pm),
Friday 22 September - Jump Rope for Heart Finale (11.30am-1.00pm)

Award Winners for the Week

Each week Junior School teachers recognise student achievements in various subjects.

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Congratulations  to our recent award winners:

Year Value

Kinder – Andrian Vattoly. Hannah Steele, Vanessa Coolahan

Year 1 – Tyler Swadling, Alessia Pertile

Year 2 – Mia Efstahiou, Keshes Berger, Hamish Yorke

Year 3 – Austin Perry, Joshua Prior

Year 4 – Jessica Axford, Imogen Spence, Genevieve Beckett


Kinder – Noah Zhao, Austin Tong, Alexander Lu

Year 1 – Julia Howard

Year 2 – Benjamin Axford, Xavier Sams, Lyle McCormick

Year 3 – Madison Mullins, Anthiny Xu

Year 4 – Belinda Fletcher, Hannah Rowland


Teacher Choice

Kinder – Joel Smidt, Kale Blundell, Nick Zhang, Adhiessh Siva, Jude Jacob

Year 1 – Audric Pantier, Simone Jacob, Divine Timothy-Ikea

Year 2 – Oliver Smidt, Lucy Hassett, Ronnie Sun, Carter Freeman, Clementine Gooding, Archer Tanswell, Ezvin Mugera

Year 3 – Samuel Low, Milena Josifoski, Sam Pilloni, Ethan Kimberley

Year 4 – Caitlin van der Walt, Matteo Pastrello, Eric Chen, Jemma Wilson, Eliza Kelly


Kinder – Darcy Darker, Isabelle Thornley, Eric Wanigasekara, Amelia Li, Oliver Ninnes, Emily Zhang

Year 1 – William Parsons, Sanduni Batuwanage, Joseph Duncan

Year 2 – Olivia Mills, Milli Caputo, Abhay Ramanaboyana, Abigail McKune, Victoria Shang, Sophie Colquhoun

Year 3 – Liam (3H), Alex Burns, Jessica Yu, Isabelle Howie, Matthew Eriksson

Year 4 – Nathaniel Cureg, Mikayla Rushbrook, James Parsons, Abigail Hare, Variaidzo Chanakira


Lyneham Middle School News

Middle School Update

The end of Term 3 is in sight!

Another busy period has seen more highlights from our Middle School students. Year 5 is in full swing with their HASS assignments (fundraising for various charities), Year 6 dance routines showcased the talent in these classes, and Year 7 & 8 have been getting their skipping on in preparation for Jump Rope for Heart.

The big highlight from the past couple of weeks was the Interschool Worship Night held between Brindabella Christian College, Emmaus Christian School and Trinity Christian School. Those involved in organising did a great job. Further to this, there were six students from our school who gave their hearts to Jesus! Heaven was celebrating that night.
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As I walk around the classes, the levels of engagement have been encouraging. Whilst students are looking forward to the holidays, they can see that the end is in sight. It has been good to see that students are still using their “please” and “thankyou’s”. Next term we will be continuing to work on ways we can talk respectfully to our peers and our teachers.

I pray that all families have a safe, relaxing and purposeful holiday.


Yours in Christian Education,
Paul Thompson
Head of Middle School (Pastoral Care)

Uniform Requirements Term 4 - Summer Uniform Middle School

Reminder: In Term 4 students are to wear full Summer Uniform

Please check the uniform requirements on the BCC Website to ensure that all students are dressed appropriately.

It is also extremely important as the UV levels continue to rise that all students wear a hat during lunch times. Please ensure that your child has a hat as part of their Summer Uniform.



Year 6 Play

Year 6 spent Semester 1 studying visual arts and Semester 2 exploring Dance, Drama and Media Arts. This Semester Year 6 is doing 6 week rotations through each topic and these photos are of our Drama group presenting their short twisted fairy tales to some of the Junior Years students. Plays included Rafunzle, Little Late Riding Hood and Spiderella to name a few. The students enjoyed choosing their play, getting into character and costume and sharing it with others. Congratulations to all of our fine actors!! » Read More

Year 5 Excursion to the Museum of Democracy and Electoral Education Centre

On Thursday, 31 August 2017, the Year 5 classes visited the Museum of Democracy and the Electoral Education Centre both of which are located in Old Parliament House. The excursion was scheduled to supplement the learning Year 5 is undertaking about democracy, voting and campaigning.

Lucas von Sanden attended the excursion. “I probably liked the time when we made our own voting poll the best,” he said. Lucas was the leader of the campaign for the apple. In a heated battle for best fruit, the apple did very well based on a preferential voting system. The humble peach was also a strong performer but the banana did not receive many votes for best fruit.

» Read More

Prior to voting, the Year 5 students visited an interactive learning centre at the Electoral Education Centre which discussed how elections are run in Australia. Students also had the opportunity to research in which electorate their parents were registered to vote. Then the students were given a presentation which demonstrated how polling booths are run in Australia.

At the Museum of Democracy the students once again had the opportunity to participate in interactive learning centres. This time they learned the story of democracy in Australia. The display, which is also open to the public, was engaging with both teachers and students learning more about Canberra and the country of Australia.

Later in the day, Bea Aby was chosen to role play as Australia’s first female Governor General, Quentin Bryce and to give a speech to the Senate in Old Parliament House. “It was quite nerve wracking to stand in front of all the Year 5 students and give a speech but it was actually pretty cool to wear a sample of the Governor General’s wardrobe and it was fun!”

Timothy Bondfield was chosen to play the role of Isaac Isaacs, our first Governor General who was controversially appointed even though he was Australian and not of English decent. Power went quickly to Sir Timothy’s head as his rousing speech prompted a ‘hear, hear!’ from the Senate.

As expected, the students were good representatives of Brindabella Christian College while on the excursions. Everyone was grateful to Mrs Reeves for her organisation of the excursion.


6D Mural

Last week, Year 6 designed and painted a mural to represent our class. They decided to make the background a jigsaw puzzle which was painted and let to dry. The class then designed something to paint over the top of that which was a representation of who they are and how they fit together just like a jigsaw puzzle. It was so much fun! » Read More




What’s on in Middle School

Look at all the activities that are ahead for Middle School.
Upcoming Dates:

Week 10:
19 September – Track & Field C/ships U12,
21 Sep - Encore (5:00pm-7:30pm),
22 Sep - Jump Rope for Heart Finale




Lyneham Senior School News

Senior School Update

I can’t believe it! Winter is over and Spring is finally here. This last weekend of gorgeous spring weather has highlighted to me the impact that winter can have on us. Not only has it been dark both in the morning and in the early evening, which makes it difficult to enjoy the outside and get out and do the things I love, but it is also cold (which I really don’t cope with). Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of winter (I am a Biology teacher after all) and I know that we all need a season of rest – even the animals and the plants – spring however is special. I’m not just talking about the day that spring kicks in, 1 September, I’m talking about the weather changes, the sounds of the birds calling early in the morning and the smells that mean that spring is truly here). Spending time in the sun brings about a change in my demeanour and brings a good measure of positivity to everything I do. I can spend time enjoying my garden, going for walks on the village common, relaxing in the hammock, playing with the dog and being in the sun. It’s a time that we can do more things as a family – things that build relationship where the confines of time spent indoors in winter have put stress on those relationships. Spring is also a time that I am reminded of new life and therefore of the sacrifice that our Lord Jesus Christ made for us.

Ephesians 4: 23-24 says

“to be made new in the attitude of your mind...”
» Read More

As we move further into spring I encourage you to take some time to get outside and enjoy the sun. Sit quietly and focus, using all of your senses, on the things around you – the things that God made for us to enjoy and to renew our spirit and our mind. Focus on what you can see – the blossoms bursting on the trees the birds collecting twigs for their nests; focus on what you can hear – the sound of the bees buzzing from flower to flower; focus on the smells around you – the freshly blooming jonquils, the smell of freshly mown grass; focus on what you can taste – perhaps something freshly picked to eat and finally focus on what you can touch – the feel of the grass on your legs as you sit down and relax for a short amount of time. Taking this precious time and giving it to the Lord is my challenge to everyone in the Brindabella Senior School Community over the next few weeks. Let’s focus on what is real and what is important in our lives and let go of the business of life for a few short moments.

This last fortnight 22 students and 4 staff travelled to Jindabyne and Blue Cow for the annual Senior School Ski Trip. The students were wonderful ambassadors of the College, with the staff of the Alpine Adventist Resort commenting on how well behaved our students were. The students participated in lessons each morning and all up spent about 6 hours skiing or snowboarding each day. Each student came away from the trip showing significant improvement in their skiing or snowboarding ability. I would like to thank Peter Mitchell, Sarah Rogan and Ralph Whitten for giving up three full days away from their families to spend time with our students.

Coming up this Thursday night is our Semester 2 Social. This semester’s social is taking on a slightly different tone, with students auditioning and participating in a lip sync battle. In addition to the lip sync battle there will be a number of activities set up in the ground level LLC rooms. The cost of the evening is $10.00, for which students will be provided with a pizza dinner and drinks, with all profits going to support the programs at Macleay Vocational College in Kempsey. All students will need to enter the LLC via the MS1 end of the building and are required to be signed in at the beginning of the night and signed out on collection at the conclusion of the evening. Students in Year 11 or 12 who are driving to and from the social, or students being collected by friends must provide a note from their parents/carers.

Students in Senior School will experience something a little bit different to their usual assembly next Tuesday, when they will participate in the Hunger Banquet – an event led by the Student Leadership Team. The Hunger Banquet is a fun and interactive way to raise awareness of the global disparity in food security and poverty. All Senior students are asked to bring $5.00 toward the fundraising event which will provide food for the ‘classes’, with profits provided to Oxfam. On entering the assembly, students will be provided with a ticket letting them know if they are white collar, blue collar or in poverty and will be fed according to their class. This event promises to be a life changing experience for all.

Leading up to the end of Term 3 in Senior School is the 2017 Encore: Festival of the Arts and the Jump Rope for Heart finale event. I pray that the upcoming holiday period provides a time of rest for all and safe travels for those travelling away from Canberra.

Yours in Christian education,


Mrs Cecelia Davey
Head of Senior School (Pastoral Care)


Uniform Requirements Term 4 - Summer Uniform Senior School

Reminder: In Term 4 students are to wear full Summer Uniform

Please check the uniform requirements on the BCC Website to ensure that all students are dressed appropriately.

The appropriate wearing of College uniform is an important part of the culture here at Brindabella and we would like to ensure it is worn perfectly. I ask families to please partner with the College in ensuring that skirts are knee length – that is – the skirt must touch the knee - and not be sitting ANY higher, and that shirts are tucked in and no makeup is worn. We understand that students grow quickly and it can be difficult to keep up with growth, however, students will be issued with a letter requiring attention if uniform is not worn correctly. We are aiming not to ‘major on the minors’ by doing this which I often hear students complain about when addressed for uniform matters, instead we are working hard to instill a sense of College pride, modesty and discipline in our young people as they represent the College with their uniform. Our students when dressed in full College uniform look absolutely fantastic and we want to protect this important aspect of our culture.

Click below to view the new Sports Uniform.

Interschool Worship Night

Last Thursday, students from Trinity, Emmaus and Brindabella gathered together at Eternity Church to enjoy an Interschool Worship Night with games, input and fellowship. After some highly entertaining games run by the student MC’s, we entered into a time of worship led by the Eternity Church worship band. Brandon Bonneci from MBM Church in Sydney then shared a powerful testimony of how his life has been transformed by his relationship with Jesus. Brandon read the parable of The Prodigal Son. He encouraged us all to consider who we might be in the story and to remember our Heavenly Father is always waiting for us to return to relationship with Him. It was really wonderful to see students earnestly praying for each other afterwards.

A huge thank you to Brandon Bonneci for sharing and to Eternity Church for having us and contributing to such a great evening!


iParent is a valuable resource from the Office of the eSafety Commisioner. It is aimed at educating parents about online risks and online safeguards and provides numerous strategies and resources for parents to help their children to stay safe online.

Also on the website is a link to the web page where you can make a complaint about cyberbullying and have serious cyberbullying material removed from social media sites.

The website can be accessed via the following address:

What’s happening in Senior School

Look at all the activities that are ahead for Senior School: » Read More

Senior School Social Lip Sync Battle

Date: Thursday 14 September


Encore Festival of Arts

Date: Thursday 21 September


Jump Rope for Heart Finale Event

Date: Friday 22 September


Last Day of Term 3

Date: Friday 22 September

Christmas Casual Jobs – T2 (Year 11 & 12 students only)

T2 are now hiring Year 11 & 12 students for Christmas casuals. Please visit any of their stores and drop in a CV and cover letter as well as submitting an online application via their website:

University of NSW Civilian Engineering Alternative Entry

Are you interested in doing Engineering in Canberra? UNSW @ ADFA have opened up their Engineering programs to civilian enrolments. If you’re achieving high results in Specialist Mathematics and Physics, then consider the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme. Applications are open now and can be made here:

University of NSW Scholarship Applications are now OPEN » Read More

UNSW have opened their scholarship applications. These will close before UAC offers are made, so if you have a UNSW course on your preferences, then apply now:

Year 11 Students – ADFA Information Session

Current Year 11 students who are considering ADFA Officer Entry are encouraged to attend an Information Session this year. Keep an eye on the Defence Jobs Website over the coming weeks as the remaining sessions are advertised:

LaTrobe University – Early Entry Program Open Now for Year 11 & 12

LaTrobe University’s Aspire program is open now for applications. Aspire takes into consideration a students’ community involvement (such as volunteering or sporting achievements) as well as academic results. Students who apply through Aspire will receive an offer in September if they are successful. Find out more about Aspire here:

Year 11 students can also apply now to be a part of the Aspire Generation – a program that involves academic mentoring and work experience. Students who successfully complete the program will receive an offer for LaTrobe in September 2018. You can find out more about the Aspire Generation program here:

Macquarie University Bonus Points

If you’re considering a degree at Macquarie University, students can gain 3 bonus points by completing the Big History Massively Open Online Course (MOOC). The MOOC is a self-paced program that students can complete at anytime in Years 10, 11 & 12 and when they apply for any degree (except Actuarial Studies and Psychology), three bonus points will be added when their application is considered. You can find out more about the program here:

Notre Dame – Early Offer Program

If you like small classes and supportive teaching environments, then the University of Notre Dame in Sydney is a good option to consider for Nursing and Education. Notre Dame’s Young Achievers Early Offer Program gives Year 12 students a chance to join Sydney’s top-ranked university for graduate employment even before the commencement of their final exams.
Avoid the stress of Year 12 by securing your university spot before final exams and apply now by clicking:

University of Sydney – Early Entry + Scholarship Applications now open

University of Sydney’s Early Offer Year 12 (E12) scheme makes your path to uni easier. If you apply successfully, we will hold a place at the University of Sydney for you. As long as you meet some conditions, such as the E12 ATAR cut-offs (which are lower than standard ATARs) and the HSC subject requirements for your preferred course, you’ll have a definite place when results come out.

The scheme has some other great benefits too. You will also receive a $5950 scholarship (paid in two equal instalments of $2975 after the Autumn and Spring census dates) and lots of support to help you get started at uni.

URGENT: University Applications – Check Your Brindabella Student Email

Australian university admission centres (UAC for NSW/ACT, QTAC for Queensland, VTAC for Victoria and SATAC for South Australia & Northern Territory) now only communicate to students via their school emails. Login details for the UAC website will be emailed through to students and students need to check their Brindabella email in order to access this information.

Students who are interested in applying for universities in Queensland, South Australia or the Northern Territory must make contact with the admissions centre for that state in order to get their username and PIN. Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) do not have a PIN – students just need to provide their BSSS number to access their application.

University of NSW – Bonus Point Applications Open NOW

The University of NSW have bonus point schemes available for students who are:
- Undertaking sport at a state or national level (either school or club based)
- Referee sport on a regular basis
- Are in leadership roles at school
- Are involved in defence force cadets
- Have completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award
- Have achieved music instrument gradings from AMEB, IMEB, ABRSM or Trinity College London
- Studying subjects directly related to a degree

Please note these only apply for students considering study at UNSW’s Kensington or Paddington campuses in Sydney and are not available for students considering UNSW@ADFA.

If you are considering UNSW, please make an appointment with Mr. Archer ( to discuss how you could benefit from the UNSW bonus entry programs, as an application has to be made before the ATAR is released.

University of Wollongong – Early Admissions Open – August 1st

Students who are considering the University of Wollongong are strongly encouraged to apply for Early Admissions. Applications open on August 1, and you must register your interest here:

Yr 11 + 12 Students – Access Your Results Online

The Board of Senior Secondary Studies have a portal that allow all students in Yrs 11 & 12 to access their grades and results in one place. The portal is called Profiles Online and is accessible via:

To login students will need to know their student number and access to student emails. Students who are not aware of their student number can contact Mr. Archer.

General News

Lost Property

There continues to be a large amount of lost property in the Lost Property Area.

When your child misplaces an item, please encourage them to look for their lost property. Any items found on the playground are placed into the Lost Property Area, located outside the IT Office, on shelves that are easily accessible.

Please ensure you label ALL your clothing with your name (jumpers, hats, drink bottles, containers, AND lids). Every effort will be made to reunite your child with their item, but it is their responsibility to look after their property and reflect the College ROCK value of Respect for their property and others.

Any lunchboxes or drink bottles not collected by the end of school on Friday will no longer be kept on the premises.

Clothing items without a name will be given to the second-hand clothing store.

Performing Arts

At BCC we have some amazing music opportunities for students.

» Read More

Instrumental Music Lessons
Did you know that regular instrumental tuition has been shown to be hugely beneficial for children’s development? We have a number of experienced and inspiring instrumental tutors working at BCC. Please contact them ASAP to arrange instrumental lessons for your child.

- Josh Hart   m: 0434966089    e:
Cello - Megan Taylor   m: 0427417844    e:
Clarinet / Flute - Neille Williams  m: 0413063244    e:
Drums / Guitar - Toby Wagner   m: 0479 034 582    e:
Flute - Jane Rylands   p: 6273 3884, 0412140289   e:
Piano - Mandy Maskell  p: 62424441   e:
Piano - Jack Bewsher  m: 0450503288   e:
Saxophone - Oisin Smith-Coburn  m: 0423714024   e:
Trumpet - Louisa Walton  m: 0405437278   e:
Trumpet - Rohan Heffernan   e:
Violin / Strings - Program Co-ordinator Jacqueline Smith  m: 0449183193   e:
Violin / Chamber Strings / Piano / Accompanist - Eliana Piddington m: 0403429998    e:
Violin - Elisha Adams m: 0434865314   e:
Violin - Matthew Foster   e:
Vocals - Sarahlouise Owens   m: 0406377832   e:
Vocals - Rebecca Pryor   m: 0404769138    e:


Jessica Roberts

School Banking 2017

Don't forget School Banking day is every Tuesday.  Please hand your Dollarmites deposit wallet to your teacher or to student reception.

Did you know that the CommBank School Banking Reward Card is now available online?  Simply visit to download and print.

The Term 3 CommBank School Banking Rewards are the smiley emoji keyring and volt handball – items from term 1 and 2 are still available (cyber handball in limited stock).  To redeem a reward, please place your Rewards Card coupon along with your 10 Dollarmites tokens in your Dollarmites deposit wallet next time you make a School Banking deposit and your child will receive this at school shortly. 


Before School Care

Brindabella Christian College offers before school care to interested families. For further information please contact Tammy Brown in the Early Learning Centre on 02 6248 9736 or by emailing:

Early Arrivals

Parents are asked to note that school commences at 8.55am and that Brindabella teaching staff commence work at 8.25am each day. » Read More

There is no playground supervision prior to this time and no guarantee that staff are on the premises. Should parents make the choice to drop children at school prior to 8.25am, the children will be required to sit in the designated 'no play' area on the white benches until supervision commences.

School Fee Finance

School Fee Finance offers parents an easy, convenient and affordable way to spread the cost ot school fees, improving cash flow.

For more information please go to:

Community News

Tuning into Teens evening parenting course

» Read More

Chistian Education in Schools (CEIS)

P: 62305155 | E: | W:

For training details:

For e-news or prayer points:

For schools participating:

» Read More

Come join Mr Mac at Supa Sports camp this spring school holidays.

Canberra Christian Conventions

Canberra Women's Christian Convention
Talks on the Lord's Prayer with Susan Ravenhall
Saturday 21 October
Click here for more information


The Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools (APFACTS) is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. » Read More

#parentech Digital Detox - starts Sept 11 (must subscribe by Sept 10)
#Parentech’s Digital Detox, developed in partnership with Family Zone, is a practical program for the whole family to participate in goal-setting and decision-making on tech-use. Designed to help defuse family flashpoints, it’s a great way to encourage kids to become responsible and regulate their own online behaviour.
The four-week #parentech Digital Detox supports families efforts with:
• Weekly emails throughout the Digital Detox to help ease the family into reducing online time
• A series of practical steps and tools to use
• Weekly family conversation starters to get the family discussing changes, effects and building healthier family conversations on technology.
Link to web page:

Healthy Habits with DR Kristy Goodwin - starts Sept 11
Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading children’s digital wellness experts (and a mum who’s also experienced her children’s techno-tantrums!). Kristy is the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World, speaker, researcher and media commentator who de-bunks the myths about young kids and technology. She helps parents, educators and health professionals navigate the digital terrain so that they can finally ditch the techno guilt + raise happy, healthy kids who thrive online and offline.
Dr Kristy Goodwin's 'Healthy Habits' e-book is available FREE to #parentech subscribers. Simply subscribe to the #parentech conversation and the booklet will be sent to your inbox for FREE.

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